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  • Use Debbie Welch to sell your home!

    Why Use Debbie Welch to Sell Your Home?

    Selling your home is a big endeavor that should include working with an expert, a real estate professional. To compensate the agent for their time and expertise a portion of the money you receive upon the home sale will be used to pay a commission. Commissions can be scary and seem difficult to justify when selling your home. Hiring a professional to list and sell your home is the best investment you can make if you want to sell. In addition to helping you stay objective an agent guides you through the selling process. Here’s a list of reason why you should use Debbie Welch to sell your home.

    1. Real Estate Agents Possess Overall Market Knowledge

    As you begin the process of selling your home you want to have an expert that can guide you through the process. A real estate agent has access to a variety of data about recent home sales in your neighborhood and locality which will allow you to price your home accordingly. Along with this agents can access your local MLS. Your home will be included in the MLS, so agents helping home buyers can be shown the various details.

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